Friday, 13 November 2009

Are you a Junky for the written word?

I've been playing with some images for the shop of late. Thought I'd let you see...

One is overtly an advertising image. The other just image I thought I might use in the shop, but loking at it, I reckon it could be reworked as advertising.

If you've any comments or ideas, feel free to let me know. Also, since we're a small shop on a miniscule budget (advertising budget? what's that!?) please also feel free to print them off and put them up in your place of work, on the notice board at your local library or communtiy centre or where ever else might take your fancy without getting me in trouble with the Law!

I really like the above image. It's Preston Sturges by the way - and if you don't know is films, you SHOULD. He was a contemporary of Frank Capra (IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE) but produced probably more consitently brilliant film comedy. Rent or buy a copy of SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS and check him out. You'll thenk me. It's where the Coen Brothers got the title O' BROTHER WHERE ART THOU from.

Anyway, looking at it again as I preview this before posting, I like it all the more. Keeping it simple, I think I'll just replace Chesterton's name with READ & RETURN BOOKSHOP and our info.

Don't think I've quite cracked this one. It sort of works though. What d'you think?

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  1. Much better is ==>
    We all need our literature fix--at least twice a day.

    And thanks for putting my grandfather on your page.