Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Window On Our World...

Well, it's been quiet.

We've not seen many of you for a while, what with the weather and all. So we hope you stocked up on reading material.

And if the snow had you a little panicked, so you were stockpiling milk and tinned foods etc because trips into town were, at best, hazardous, if not down right impossible, then don't forget: Survival isn't just about food and water. Your sanity is important too. Cabin fever is a killer, just ask Jack Torrence! We'd hate to see you axe murdering your family (or killing them with a Roque Mallet if you'd prefer the literary version...

So, while you're stocking up on tins of beans (and hey, at least those beans will help heat the home - if you catch my meaning) think about your sanity as well. Think about the boredom when you're stuck at home with only daytime TV for company, and you've had enough of Scrabble and Monopoly. Stock up on some books as well why don't you?

We've got a lot of Spike Milligan at the moment...

And a whole horde of other delightful things...

Have you read Steven Millhauser? Pulitzer Prize winning author of stories that delight and amaze with the variety.

How about John Collier? Thorne Smith?

Do you want to travel the world from your armchair with Paul Theroux?

Get inside the mind of one of France's finest film-makers with the letters of Francois Truffaut?

We've got all kinds of minds and lives and dreams lining our shelves. Contained in handy, portable, pocket sized virtual reality machines more subtle and more user friendly than anything Apple have yet to design. Books are doorways. Your mind is the key. Open the lock and swing the door wide...

Monday, 4 January 2010


Happy New Year!

I hope yours was a good one. Likewise your Christmas.

There's a fresh new year stretching out ahead of us like a blank sheet of paper, waiting to be scribbled on. An undiscovered country, an unexplored land of possibility.

Let's make the best of it this time, huh?


Let's discover something new, something positive. Let's make striding advances,let's gain some ground, claw it back from the zombies and the slugs of negativity that are ever nibbling at the lettuce of our lives (sorry, that analogy got away from me).

Let's weed our head gardens, shake ourselves loose from the patterns that imprison us.

Let us strike out this year and find gold. In the world and each other and ourselves. Let us prove ourselves worthy of living. Let us shine.